About Us

About Us

Welcome To Always Dry Brisbane

Always Dry Brisbane is conveniently located just 15 minutes south of Brisbane City and is an Accredited Applicator of the product Always Dry. Hi, I’m Jeff Dancer, owner and manager of Always Dry Brisbane. With over 34 years in the automotive industry, I have never seen a product like Always Dry, and as an automotive spray painter I know a thing or two about paint finishes. So, without any further delays, let me introduce you to Always Dry.

Introducing Always Dry – Leader In Care Care Products

Years of collective research and testing in the automotive car detailing and car care products industry paved the way towards the development of the Always Dry brand. We are not simply manufacturers but passionate suppliers of advanced nano technology infused car care products.

Behind The Products

Our advanced nano technology makes every car dazzle. The presence of numerous shine enhancing products in the market comes with more repercussions than results as was shown by our research. This shaped the idea of Always Dry in the USA. The sole mission was to promote a product that is in sync with technology and protection. With the consistent efforts of a skilled team and thorough research, a nano technology application that proved productive for the automotive industry started evolving.

Each product in the Always Dry range reflects the arduous efforts of our service engineers and industrious team. We make a special endeavour to create the most potential product in terms of durability, usage and efficiency. Dozens of trials and tests were performed, protecting hundreds of cars in the process, before finally compressing the essence of all the properties in one compact bottle.

Contact me, Jeff Dancer, for personal service and a free quotation on your car or boat.

Office – (07) 3277 6649

Mobile – 0412 726 831

Email – sales@alwaysdrybrisbane.com




Protect your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out.


Water Craft

UV and corrosion resistant, watch the water repel off.



Your ride is also now safe in all weather conditions.



Glass is porous, however you can now strengthen, assist and repel the salt and soap.


Shoes & Accessories

Keeps shoes and handbags clean and dry in any weather condition.