Technologically Advanced Windscreen Coating


Windshields protected with Always Dry Vision Tech windscreen protection become highly water-repellent, creating a surface that rapidly sheds water especially at higher speeds. You can see for yourself in our “Let Us Prove It” video demonstration. The video shows a windshield that is half-protected (treated) and half-unprotected (untreated). Watch the video demonstration and you be the judge. Vision Tech is the ultimate in windscreen and glass coatings!

Vision Tech by Always Dry is a proven technology for your vehicle. Independent University studies prove Vision Tech reduces the amount of damage a windscreen experiences from flying debris. This is important because a damaged windscreen can compromise the safety of your vehicle in several ways. Preventing that damage from occurring by having Vision Tech nano coat applied will improve your safety and the safety of your passengers and will reduce the likelihood that you will have to endure the cost, time and hassles of replacing or repairing your windscreen.


  • Strengthens glass. Scientifically proven windscreen protection.
  • Windshields are 10x more resistant to damage.
  • Reduces chips and cracks, and has extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Reduces night glare by 35% and improves night vision.
  • 10x more water repellent.
  • Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice and snow.
  • Save money on wipers! Wipers barely needed after application.
  • Ultra durable, lasts 50x longer than leading store brand water repellent.
  • A must have for safety while driving.
  • Is commercial-grade.
  • Suitable for any glass type: Auto, Marine, Aviation and more.
  • Stunning results, satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
  • Increased vision and reaction time. At 40 mph (64.3 kph), university studies prove our hydrophobic coating can give you an extra 58 feet (17.7 metres) of accident prevention (1 full second of reaction time).
  • Dramatically reduces eye fatigue.
  • Saves you money and time spent on car care products.
  • Windscreen protection that lasts.